During Google’s Stadia Connect presentation, which saw the likes of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, FIFA, and Madden announced for Stadia, we also got the news that Crayta will be releasing on Stadia this summer.

Crayta is more a game creation tool rather than a game, though you can definitely play games with it. Think Sony’s PS4 exclusive Dreams, but different. Crayta will let players create and publish multiplayer games without the need for coding or a degree in computer wizardry, and there’s also the potential for creators to earn some pennies for their efforts. Crayta will have a monthly prize fund, though how this will work in practice remains to be seen, but it’s an interesting concept all the same.

Crayta is due to release this summer on Stadia, and it will also be launching as a Stadia Pro game, meaning that Pro subscribers can play the game from day one for free. Brilliant! There’s an announcement trailer up above, so give that a watch and then start drawing up your plans for the games you’re going to make.

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