The lone developer behind the Stadia+ Chrome extension has released a new version of Stadia+, bringing some new languages, squashing some bugs, and adding a sorely-missed feature: Windowed Mode.

Stadia on Chrome doesn’t natively support Windowed Mode, much to the annoyance of many players, but with the Stadia+ extension, Windowed Mode is now possible. There are a few more tweaks to the add-on, and they’re all listed down below. You can get the Stadia+ extension from the Chrome store for free.


  • There is now a button in the Stadia menu (Shift+Tab) that allows the player to enter and exit windowed mode.
  • The user can now enable or disable specific components using the popup.
  • Fixed a bug causing some data to be corrupted when stored.

Added several new available translations.

  • Basque (EU)
  • Galician (GL)
  • Russian (RU)
  • Ukranian (UA)

Quality of Life (QOL) changes and minor bugfixes.

  • Changed network monitor data from bits (b) to bytes (B).
  • You can no longer select both 4k and H264 in the Stadia+ menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the average traffic would show up as NaN.
  • Fixed a bug where some icons wouldn’t load.

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