If you’ve got an official Stadia controller that you use for your Stadia gaming sessions, things are about to get just a tiny bit easier for you, especially if you game predominantly on your PC or laptop.

A new update has gone live today that adds wireless controller support to Stadia, meaning that if you’ve got an official gamepad, you can connect it directly to your browser session via WiFi, much like how the controller functions when playing over Chromecast Ultra.

This means that you won’t need to connect your controller via a cable anymore, and you’ll be able to go completely wireless when gaming at your desktop or laptop computer. It also means that you should have a slightly better experience on PC now that your controller is connected directly to the WiFi, cutting out the middle man that we used to call a wire. Whether the difference will be that noticeable is down to personal perception, though, so I can’t make a comment on that.

Here’s how it works:

  • Turn on your Stadia gamepad
  • Go to stadia.google.com
  • Click the gamepad icon on the top left
  • A small window will open showing a series of Stadia controller buttons. Press these buttons on your controller in the order shown
  • Gloat to all who still use cables in their lives

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