If you’ve got a bit of cash sat aside for some games, it might go further than you think, providing you can keep yourself from spending anything until Black Friday 2020.

Google is preparing Stadia for some Black Friday sales and deals, as made evident by a store list that has gone live on the Stadia storefront. It’s not meant to be accessible just yet, and it’s not a part of the main store page at the moment, but by visiting stadia.google.com/store/list/56 (warning: link may not work unless you’re signed in to Stadia) you get the Stadia Black Friday deals page.

At the moment there aren’t any games on the sale page, but that’s to be expected as Black Friday is still a few weeks away. But watch this space; there are sure to be some good deals that’ll save you some cash, so maybe hold off on picking up whatever big-name release is the hot topic right now because it might be a few pennies cheaper – if you have the patience to wait. But c’mon, with how easy it is to buy games and play them instantly, that’s not going to happen. I bought two games while writing this article…

Mind you, the sales could come a little earlier in an effort to ride the hype way caused by the release of the next-gen consoles, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S.