Since the initial announcement for Football Manager 2021, there has been some confusion around whether this year’s edition of the fan favourite footy sim will actually release on Stadia. It was a big deal when Football Manager 2020 hit the streaming platform, and it’s been a bigger deal that there’s been no outright confirmation about FM 2021’s release.

Fear not, tactical masters, because the German rating board for video games (USK) has rated Football Manager 2021, and specifically for Google’s Stadia platform.

The rating doesn’t reveal any new details, obviously, but it paints a clear picture and confirms that Football Manager 2021 will get a release on Stadia. Now we just have to wait for Google to flip the switch so we can hit the play button and get stuck in.

Football Manager 2021 will release on November 24th for PC, but will Stadia get the same release date? The game doesn’t show as a pre-order or “coming soon” title on the Stadia store, so fingers crossed we’re just being kept waiting until the last moment.

Source: USK