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SEGA will be bringing Valkyria Chronicles 4: Complete Edition to Stadia this December 8th, but before that happens, there’s a brand new launch trailer that was captured running on Stadia hardware.

Valkyria Chronicles 4  in brief:

  • Becoming Adulthood in Wartime:  Valkyria Chronicles 4  is set in the same time-space as the first episode but focuses on a whole new team of military apprentices. You will help impetuous Commander Claude Wallace, passionate heavy artillery engineer Riley Miller, warm-blooded young wolf Darcsen Raz, sniper Kai Schulen and many more face the harsh reality of the war. Will the budding friendship of this savage outfit be enough to help E Squadron survive the harsh conditions of an ice-filled battlefield?
  • The “BLiTZ” combat system is shifting into high gear:  the BLiTZ combat system, which mixes turn-based strategy, role-playing progression and real-time 3D combat is back! Among the novelties, a new explosive class (the Grenadier), new offensive and defensive support options, the possibility of benefiting from a last stand for a unit on the verge of death, among others. The battles are growing in scale and intensity with even larger battlefields to confront the forces of the Empire.
  • The CANVAS aesthetic at its peak:  the series’ iconic penciled visual finds a perfect setting on current machines. Inspired by the rendering of watercolours, the CANVAS graphics engine mixes realism and imagination to create an expressive, colorful universe. The epic of E Squadron is experienced as an interactive painting!
  • The return of a legendary composer:  the illustrious Hitoshi Sakimoto, composer of the first  Valkyria Chronicles among other legendary titles, makes his comeback with an orchestral soundtrack as radical as it is moving.
  • All-Out War:  In addition to the base game,  Valkyria Chronicles 4: Complete Edition  includes all of the content released to date packed with a variety of challenges. Bitter and difficult battles or exciting story missions are on the program for the following contents:- Squad E to the Beach
    – A Captainless Squad
    – Expert Level Skirmishes
    – The Two Valkyria
    – Advance Ops
    – A United Front with Squad 7